UI Webflow Designer

We’re looking for a No-Code hero. Remote friendly role.


New Zealand Studio
33 Cuba Street
Te Aro, Wellington 6011

Duties of the role

Your primary responsibility would be to build websites within a No-Code framework using Webflow, working from designs produced either independently, or in collaboration with other members of the KISSLabs team.

Essential skills

  • 1–2+ years minimum experience working in a No-Code framework (we're using Webflow).
  • Ability to create finished designs to a professional standard using interface design tools (Figma, Sketch etc) prior to build.
  • Mindful of organising files/projects in a manageable state for other team members (clear layer and class naming, consistent use of team cloud drives etc).
  • Ability to produce required graphic content in appropriate formats using Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator etc) where interface design tools are limited.

What we’re looking for

  • Dependent on project scope and workload for other team members, you may be assigned a job independently. Confidence in your ability to plan and execute your own designs/wireframes prior to any building is essential.
  • Ability to pick up work at any stage of the process from another team member should they need to prioritise another project (we’ll do our part to make this easy for you!).
  • Creativity, an ability to look beyond an initial brief and see potential ideas that create breakthrough solutions for clients. You should be able to present these ideas in an engaging and confident manner, and can form a rationale for your ideas when appropriate.
  • You can anticipate any issues or bottlenecks and have confidence raising concerns about delivery of work to the appropriate departments of the agency. An ability to suggest alternative creative solutions in these moments is ideal.

Not essential, but still helpful

  • Experience with HTML, CSS+ Java etc.
  • Tertiary experience/qualification in UI/UX Design would be nice, but more important is your ability to solve problems and think creatively.

These are always a good sign, however a strong portfolio is what we're looking for most. If you have experience with any of these make sure to mention them in your cover letter!

Please send a link to your portfolio with your application.

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