Our broad industry experience and expansive network enables us to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients

We work closely with you to craft your brand's DNA into a meaningful narrative that informs every touch point – giving it life, soul, and a distinct sense of style.

Ben Clayton

Partner/Creative Director

Ben has an insatiable desire to create intuitive, meaningful and authentic brand experiences

Whether we're designing complex interfaces used by the masses or we're creating sub-culture projects experienced by influencers – we're constantly seeking, solving and simplifying interactions that celebrate brand effort and in turn culminates into lasting brand loyalty.

Jiten Melwani


Jiten brings the logic. Solving design challenges through applied maths

Studying mathematics and engineering and early life investor in new technologies – Jiten applies his talents to delivering clearly defined successes and measurable results to our clients. And whatever outrageous idea the design team dreams up, Jiten provides the knowledge and expertise to bring them to life.

Caspian Ievers

Design Director

Caspian harnesses empathy and simplicity to bring engaging ideas to life

With his background in psychology and design Caspian continuously pushes the studio’s creative output. He makes it look simple, but simplicity, usability and beauty come from deep understanding and attention to harmony. The superfluous is distilled and refined to reveal powerful, beautiful and ultimately, simple ideas.

Fiona Gore

Studio Director

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Fi brings structure to everything we do

Having worked for a number of key advertising agencies in Wellington, her experience spans across a broad range of different industry types, and she is a highly regarded and experienced project manager so you know you are in a very safe pair of hands. She is responsible for running the KISSLabs Studio and making sure that all job deliverables are met in a timely manner.

Craig Gordon


Craig is our swiss army knife – when an idea has the potential to go above and beyond

Craig's consistent experimentation with Design and 3D animation software from an early age renders him capable of imagining unique ideas across a wide variety of media. He believes the greatest solutions extend beyond the highest initial ambition and aims to redefine his definition of "impossible" in every project.