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Chaos Theory is a well-established software engineering consortium based in Hong Kong. Attracting and retaining the very best talent means you need to establish and nuture an internal culture and surrounding environment that embraces individual’s working methods and unlocks and harnesses each team member’s full potential.

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Chaos are produced-focused not tech-obsessed. Delighting the customer is always their objective so establishing the brand foundations is the first step. If the final product has value to people, it's valuable. So it is important that we created a brand positioning that oozed their values, that inspired their manifesto, that shaped the physical space and lays the foundations for magic to happen.

They are also people-powered not process-driven. Too much structure can hinder progress. Of course, there’s direction, but exactly how one gets there is a different story. To support this way of thinking we embraced the idea that out of chaos, comes order.

The last thing that Chaos Theory is, is a typical software engineering firm. So our first point of contact for potential new employees needed to assimilate their way of being. Looping the factual orb represented apparent randomness, underlying patterns, interconnectedness, loops, repetition, self-similarity and self-organisation.

At every touchpoint we take the opportunity to strengthen the connection with the brand and the way in which they work. The brand language is confident, direct, open and honest. We are all adults, we all have passions and drivers and Chaos wants to bring the very best out in us all and provide the platform and formula to achieve this. We made sure we wove subtle narratives through the visuals like the black umbrella which became a symbol for pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Simple 50/50 screen grid structure and inverted parallax transitions flows the viewer through their online brand manifesto, providing a window through into some of the guiding principles of Chaos Theory and helping them see where they can apply their skills.

The logo itself is uncomplicated and direct. Tracking the letters out creates a dominance even in the negative space. For every identity we design, we create digital guidelines that allow easily distribution of brand assets and reference for anyone using brand assets.

For employees we branded tote bags for the beach, backpacks for commuting, activewear t-shirts for hiking in the Hong Kong Hills, umbrellas for the icon downpours in Hong Kong (and the odd protest), beautiful tactile notebooks and reusable coffee cups for the newly created Chaos Theory coffee house within their offices.

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