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Cinco Manos wines are true winemaking pioneers and one of the most awarded Chilean wineries of the 21st century.

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Their history is full of discovery. In the late 19th century their founder Emilio Bouchon left Bordeaux and came to Chile, looking for the perfect location to grow grapes. Starting in the mountainous landscapes of the Colchagua Valley the family continued to explore the region looking for areas that would provide ideal micro climates for different grape varieties.

Today the estate is entirely owned and run by the Silva family. Their children, the 6th generation, are now also starting to follow in their parent’s footsteps. This history and the passing down of knowledge became the backbone to the project; typefaces were chosen to reference a time where craftsmanship and hard work was key to success, warm terracotta accent colour references the fertile soils, and the family’s journey across the world and through the valleys is refelcted in the stylised contour drawings.

The family’s journey to becoming the most awarded Chilean wineries of the 21st century is referenced in stylised cartographic illustrations.

With their wines in either Chile or China we rebuilt their leading varietals in 3D and took them into our virtual studio for a digital photoshoot. The models can be quickly updated and are used for everything from posters, point of sale items, banner ads and menus.

Through stakeholder interviews across multiple timezones we crafted a rich, memorable story that was woven into short marketing messages and longer narrative to really share their history with their supply chain and wine aficionados. This story was the cornerstone of a market-ready toolkit for Cinco Manos' importers and their clients to share downstream with their customers. It is the power of a great story!

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