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Sustainabl. is committed to promoting a low-carbon, zero waste, circular economy in Hong Kong with responsibly sourced, plastic-free, home compostable and recyclable single-use products.

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During early interviews, discussions and discovery we uncovered the proposition of packaging with purpose, which in addition to being an effective way of communicating what Sustainabl. facilitates, helped focus the creative direction. Initial sketches focused on product’s life-cycle, zero waste process from growing raw materials, manufacturing products and then composting, recycling and returning the material back to the earth.

Take a good look at eco takeaway packaging and you’ll see the same thing over and over again: everyone showing off food in their containers. It became clear that we were going to have to do things very differently if we wanted to show that Sustainabl. was doing things differently. When we say packaging with purpose we are talking about the environment not just the containing of food and drinks, right? So we set about literally turning the problem on it’s head, hero-ing the packaging and the environment it is helping to improve, in a impactful and playful way.

As part of the application 3D imagery of various animals personified using their products creates a playful allusion to the core message, creating a better world for everything on it.

We were keen to bring the playfulness brand into their website. Mouse interactions, custom scroll and hover states help bring the fun, with robust CMS throughout including the product and blog pages bringing the knowledge base. Fully responsive, easily updatable without taking itself to seriously. Visit the site and see for yourself.

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