Injecting disco vibes into HK's premier nightspot

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Quality Goods Club is the unique dining and entertainment experience that Hong Kong has long deserved. It’s a love letter to the memorable nights out that begins softly at the bar, glides into dinner with a live show and leaves it all on the late night dance floor.

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Taking cues from the club's then-current event posters, we embraced a raw neo-brutalist aesthetic. These posters often featured striking colors, robust line strokes, and typography reminiscent of 1980s vinyl record sleeves. With the colour schemes we have utilized a red shade and a blue-violet hue to distinguish between events at the restaurant and those exclusive to the nightclub. Vibrant scroll dynamics and lively element interactions infuse the pages with energy and motion, creating an engaging user experience.

A user-friendly content management system enables the client to effortlessly add new events to a filterable events page. Event pages include additional information, RSVP options, and the ability for site users to share the events on their social media platforms.

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