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Thorn PR isn't your typical PR agency — they don’t do spin. They create newsworthy content that gets noticed and sets the agenda. They create digital strategies that move the dial, get sales and drive brand awareness. They create and design engaging events, getting brands in front of influencers, media and stakeholders.

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A revamped colour palette harmonizes Thorn PR's identity with the adventurous spirit of their clients. A striking gradient takes center stage, adding depth and dynamism to formerly static designs. This offers the opportunity to integrate dynamic colour shifts and blend mode effects, leading to more attention-grabbing social content that promotes engagement.

We compiled a comprehensive brand asset pack with diverse colour combinations and shapes, enabling Thorn PR's team to swiftly design in-house social content, such as Instagram stories and flyers. These assets ensure a consistently strong and self-assured tone is presented in all of Thorn PR's client (or potential client) interactions.

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