Amplifying crypto projects with community power

Brand Identity, Website & Explainer Video

CoinAmp provides a platform to launch new ICOs and IDOS. CoinAmp building a large community of influencers that are rewarded for amping new projects with exclusive early access.

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The logo plays with the iconic trading candle charts so synonymous with crypto trading and prices. But rather than it being too serious in tone, we made it fun and playful in expression. There are many launchpad platforms that all take on a technical, blockchain cube feel. So with CoinAmp, we wanted the visual expression to be different, to be playful with phrases like ‘to the moon’, ‘diamond hands’ and ‘wen lambo’. The first project to launch on the platform had 55,000 sign ups and was so successful, they are not taking on any projects until they can upgrade the back-end servers.

The UI we also made big, bold and playful in keeping with the brand expression. Rounded with a restrained colour palette.

The explainer/promotional video again followed style. We initially had the client write-up what the video needed to capture and then we used our writers to craft and tell the story. All the illustration and animation was done in-house with our talented motion designers.

As with any brand identity small or large, we develop online brand guides so they can be shared and followed easily.

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