Note taking for health professionals

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Noted is an online client management system which empowers people to deliver the best quality health care for their community.

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The creative expression of Noted’s brand stemmed from a key feature of their application that was still very much in development: the better notes a medical professional has on a patient the better they can help them. From this concept we started crafting a word mark that contains, at its core, this idea of ‘more/better’ in the shape of a plus. Noted's wordmark, alongside one of the many supporting patterns, demonstrates the level of customisation possible within the app.

As Noted grew so too did their communication requirements. What started as a simple one-page website evolved into a multi-region, fully responsive, CMS driven digital experience with content tailored to the different needs of the many sectors within the health system. We worked closely with their team to ensure the content structure was clear for the audiences, their copy on-point and ensuring the site had the capacity to expand as their product does.

Icons, pitch decks, investment documents and press ads are all part of the supporting material created for Noted.

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