Pushing the payment boundaries

Branding, Product Design

A unique payment card for ultra-high-net-worth millennials. The ultra-luxury consultancy service company ‘Insignia’ have a reputation for remarkable premium payment cards that buck the trend of what you’d expect from a credit card. They push the boundaries uniting jewellery designers, master gemologists and artisan designers to create payment products for people who demand the finest in personalised premium quality.

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Matrix is their latest product for a new growth market: ultra-high-net-worth millennials with hyper-modern digital lifestyles. The design of the Matrix brand mark talks to the digital lifestyle of the audience, with a combination of high-tech materials and 8 bit aesthetic. Combining different black finishes with a multi-layered, multi-textured card including use of Vantablack, one of the blankets materials known elements shine and float above a void. A gloss finish on the various elements lets it catch the light as it is handled.

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