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Judi is a versatile clinical trial workflow software that unites global clinical trial teams to efficiently manage complex processes, interactions, and insights. Their teams are based all over the world, and working with them meant that our processes had to match their expectation of success regardless of physical location.

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At KISSLabs we have structured our creative processes and embedded production workflow tools to minimise risks for clients just like this. For this project we made use of collaborative tools like Invision for the initial wireframing, allowing all members of the project to collaborate online at the same time, and making sure all voices were heard and their website was designed to function in a way that delivers to each of the stakeholders' needs.

Initial designs were prototyped and tested across multiple devices for user interaction testing with designated space and time allowed for each of the teams to leave comments and feedback. Then, after working up the designs we initiated a robust handover process with the client's own developers. The KISSLabs studio are generally 12 hours ahead of most of the world so we were able to take feedback at the end of our clients day and would have that ready for them first thing their morning, so it worked perfectly for them. The beauty of living in the future...

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