Taking a digital securities exchange to new heights

Brand Development, Website, Video & Marketing

Fusang are Asia's first digital exchange for security tokens and crypto markets.

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Working alongside the Head of Creative & Content we supported Fusang in creating a brand refresh and how best to adapt their current assets. An evolving machine, the development of Fusang brought the creation of their online presence, their community platform and social outputs, 3D supporting graphics, animations and a complete overhaul of style that radiates prestige and trust, showcases the old feeding into the new, the years of knowledge being transferred and the mythical Chinese Fusang tree which their brand is based off (representing a treasure trove in hidden wisdom).

Metallic shapes were created to support the brand identity. These are both static and animated, and portrays Fusang’s sophistication and edge through innovation and knowledge. Fusang’s brand video tells the story of IPO on the blockchain with a trustworthy and established Asian financial organisation.

Multiple icon sets were created to help represent the different offerings and areas of Fusang. Majority of icons are based around a hexagon shape to represent the blockchain, and isometric symbols reiterate the hexagonal shapes integral to the brand, creating a new dimension in Fusang's visual identity.

For their website we developed a modern twist with the concept of blockchain shapes and the status of gold to bring Fusang’s brand to life. We integrated complex content into digestible chunks through clever use of hierarchy, animation and graphic elements. The creative was intertwined with multiple stakeholder input and the finished product encompasses the collaboration and passion of everyone involved.

Fusang landing page mockup
Global network graphic
Fusang iconset
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Mobile onboarding concepts
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